A Syncro in the sand: a rare bird, and one most definitely not in its natural habitat. This is Longbeach, proudly proclaiming itself as the longest beach in the world. I am dubious, and will fact check when I am in the vicinity of wi-fi. Sidenote, I have become, annoyingly so, one of those people who wonders … More Quicksand

Cannon Beach Christmas

  Christmas Eve 2013 was one for the record books, and I have to say that this kind of fortuitous turn of events rarely presents itself to me. A bearded park ranger bearing a truly uncanny resemblance to Santa Claus granted us the distinct honour of parking overnight on the bluff overlooking a perfect beach … More Cannon Beach Christmas

The Road To Nowhere

    Me: Henley, sweetie, how old do you think Mummy is turning? Henley: ummmmm, like the dinosaurs. An auspicious beginning to life in my 30’s, to be sure. We are on the road; fully, wind-in-our-hair, nothing-but-the-open-road, peeing-in-a-bush, on the road. An attempt to reclaim my youth, it is not. The cold and damp permeates my … More The Road To Nowhere

I am certain that my husband was under the impression that the purchase of Storm-the most crucial of all purchases in our (conceived mostly by me) future life of caution-to-the-wind adventure-would abate my constant need to stoke the fire of life. It has, of course, accomplished what I can only imagine is the opposite of … More

Clutter, be gone.

This decision to travel has changed our family in ways unimaginable to me even six months ago. We have always been far from hoarders, but over the almost decade we’ve been together Rob & I have accumulated our fair share of stuff. Now, I enjoy a good purge of the closet and junk drawer, so … More Clutter, be gone.


A year overlanding Europe. Even to me, someone with an uncanny ability to round-down any purchase price, this sounds expensive. Ours is a lofty goal. Optimism has now taken up residence of a good portion of my being; sarcasm and a deep-seeded love of puns of course remaining as my most cherished traits. Ageless cynicism … More sacrifice


I think it’s common to be met with a fairly large dose of scepticism whenever sharing details of a grandiose life scheme. Let it be made perfectly clear that this is a long-term goal with long-term planning (and penny-pinching) required to come to fruition. Much to my chagrin we as of yet have not won … More yes.

live simply

Fuelled by the stuff that makes dreams seem so much more attainable (beer), the decision to travel was casually agreed upon by my husband, who I’m not sure at the time thought he was doing anything but appeasing yet another of my grand life plans. With only mild concern he noted my seriousness when within … More live simply