Our Route

15 countries and 20,000 kms later, here’s what our six months in Europe looked like:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 4.12.13 PM


Oregon is for Lovers
Oregon is for Lovers

The Inaugural Voyage:

Re-live our Oregon Adventure here:

Oregon is for Lovers

Squamish-Port Whidbey-Port Townsend-La Push-Westporte-Long Beach-Cannon Beach-Manzanita-Tillamook-Pacific City-Lincoln City-Newport-Yachats-Florence-Coos Bay-Bandon-Port Orford-Gold Beach-Brookings-Klamath-Crescent City-Tillamook-Portland-Squamish


2 thoughts on “Our Route

  1. I am interested in a European Westfalia trip next year and am very interested in the planning and paperwork of it. I’d love hearing what you’ve found out do far with getting your van to London and driving around the UK! When do you leave?

    1. Ask and ye’ shall receive!!! I am actually planning a ‘red tape’ post about all of the logistics of planning the trip, and now I will dedicate it to you.
      Barring unforeseen disaster, the van will be leaving mid-October and we will meet it in December to begin the trip.
      Stay tuned for that post, and thanks for the message!

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