9 to 5

Working on the road=something I really need to work on. Some fairly important logistics (nourishment, occasional paid camping) will be relying pretty heavily on our ability to maintain some semblance of a career while on the road.


Camp Life. It’s not glamourous, despite the images you may have conjured of our shower-less family in matching onesies living in a van, but it’s good for the soul. Because of the mind-blowing capabilities of our 4wd home-on-wheels, we spent only four nights camped and set-up in State Parks. When we did it legit, this … More Glamour.


A Syncro in the sand: a rare bird, and one most definitely not in its natural habitat. This is Longbeach, proudly proclaiming itself as the longest beach in the world. I am dubious, and will fact check when I am in the vicinity of wi-fi. Sidenote, I have become, annoyingly so, one of those people who wonders … More Quicksand

Cannon Beach Christmas

  Christmas Eve 2013 was one for the record books, and I have to say that this kind of fortuitous turn of events rarely presents itself to me. A bearded park ranger bearing a truly uncanny resemblance to Santa Claus granted us the distinct honour of parking overnight on the bluff overlooking a perfect beach … More Cannon Beach Christmas

The Road To Nowhere

    Me: Henley, sweetie, how old do you think Mummy is turning? Henley: ummmmm, like the dinosaurs. An auspicious beginning to life in my 30’s, to be sure. We are on the road; fully, wind-in-our-hair, nothing-but-the-open-road, peeing-in-a-bush, on the road. An attempt to reclaim my youth, it is not. The cold and damp permeates my … More The Road To Nowhere