We didn’t so much drive across Canada as become possessed with our mission: Disney or Bust. Our initial planned route through the backwoods and small towns of ‘Murica was stymied by ICBC’s archaic and medieval insurance restrictions, so we made a beeline for the hills. 

I will say that driving across Canada and scarcely leaving the Trans Canada highway does not necessarily present the best of what our country has to offer in terms of wilderness and charm. We did, however, manage to kickstart a remarkable stretch of free camping and find some real beauts.




The drive, which took us four days, was a lot of this:


and this:


but mostly this:


Mecca (Drumheller) couldn’t have come any sooner. For a five-year-old obsessed with dinosaurs and two adults on the receiving end of four days of withering looks in the reavirew mirror and ceaseless comments on the ‘boring scenery’, it was truly a dreamland. My impression is that the town basically just had a community meeting in the 60’s and was like, ‘dinosaurs: let’s just roll with that’, and they have executed it to perfection.



Other memorable mentions of our trip across Canada include a stop over in Grand Falls, Ontario, the birthplace of Secretariat’s jockey, Ron Turcotte, and also the purchase of a mini-blender, which turned our #vanlife into  # a character studio apartment with loft, shared ensuite, limitless potential, plenty of green space, views, and all modern amenities.

We finally made it home to the mountains of BC. It was the tail end of our big trip, and we used the days and nights sitting around fires, reminiscing, storytelling, and spinning our yarn. However close we were to home, we refused to let this trip fade slowly into the recesses. We pointed our nose south-to Disney, and one last (for now) kick at the road trip can.


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