emerald isle


Revered by our countrymen and reviled by most everyone outside of Canada, there is nothing quite as polarizing as the Caesar. We spent a lot of time trying to describe the drink to friends we met on the road. Without fail they were horrified that we would consume a beverage whose ingredients include clam juice, tabasco and horseradish. Robbie thinks I overused the term ‘elixir of the gods’ when trying to sway the opinions of the uninitiated, but that’s just how much I believe in this drink.

You cannot purchase Clamato juice in Europe. I will pause to allow the implications of this statement to sink in.


Robbie’s parents came to visit us in Ireland, renting a VW van and joining for the adventure of life on the road. Seasoned travellers themselves, it meant a great deal to us that they chose #vanlife for their trip and went the extra mile (ha!) to share in this experience. Without a grace period of any sort, Robbie’s parents jumped in like good sports and away we went-dirty, deliriously happy, and without a care in the world.

IMG_6400Actually, up until that point, our only care in the world was our inability to find Clamato juice in Europe. Robbie’s parents came through with a delivery of three mint condition jugs. Six months without access to Caesars really effects a person to their core. Does it effect you to the extent that three jugs of Caesar mix disappear overnight? Maybe, but who am I to say? Kidding, I am actually an expert in the subject. The Caesar mix did disappear overnight.


We first broke into the abandoned Carrigglass Manor on our honeymoon. On this trip, six years later, we broke in again-this time armed with sensible footwear, snacks and refreshments, a child, and the in-laws. Once the home of Thomas Lefroy, who was the rumoured beau of a young Jane Austin and reportedly the inspiration for the character of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, the house has fallen into disrepair after being sold out of the Lefroy family and into the hands of developers.


Ireland is the kind of place that will show you more shades of green than you ever thought existed. It is also the kind of place where a gas station/pub attendant (side note: everything is slash pub in Ireland) will go TO HER HOUSE and give us her own personal bottle of Worcestershire sauce. Leaning up against something is the ultimate investment in a conversation, and everybody in Ireland will take the time to lean and chat. We would stop somewhere for a bag of chips and end up being invited for dinner. Needless to say, we will be back.



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