czech it out.


Our trip through the Czech Republic ended up being significantly shorter than my wholly unrealistic initial estimate of a three-week tour filled with folklore and medieval squares.

What we did learn in a very short four days is that the Czech Republic has elevated their street food game to the next level, taking our penchant for bread dough coated in sugar and baked over charcoal to new levels by stuffing it with soft serve ice cream. Who am I to stand in the way of progress and innovation?


We spent two days in Prague: lots of food, lots of old stuff, lots of cobblestones, lots of markets, lots of bridges. It was exceptional. We had to cross the infamous Charles Bridge twice, having the first time been entirely too distracted by buskers making six figures off wide-eyed tourists feeding their last euro to toddlers eager to, ‘put money in the hat’. Nice statues, sure.


But have you heard about the one man band?

Our first day in Prague saw us take a ‘ferry’ across the Danube from our campsite to the old city. As the wooden dingy emerged from the mist on what was the first day of treacherous weather we’d had in months (“we are from SQUAMISH, dammit, and this rain will not deter our touristing”-me), I first looked for lifejackets and also did some quick calculations to ensure that we could swim across when the gargantuan waves capsized our vessel.


We, of course, managed to find horses in the city. I always know where to scratch them under their harness. It makes the carriage drivers both appreciate that I know horses, but also not make any attempts to hide their annoyance at the knowledge that I will not be spending inordinate amounts of money on a novelty tour around a two blocks radius.


Prague was awesome, but we are country folk and country folk need the wild. Czech Republic had no shortage of idyllic country drives. I often pause to appreciate our choice of travel and the opportunity it affords to explore the sights and sounds of a country with the off-the-beaten-track authenticity that can only come from being lost and with nowhere to go. I love the back roads and that they really serve up the full flavour of a country, instead of offering a buffet curated by travel books and the tourism industry.





Czech Republic-short but super sweet.

3 thoughts on “czech it out.

  1. Nice post! But if you crossed a river in Prague, it definitely wasn’t the Danube….look on a map! (always a good idea when travelling….). The river in Prague is the Vltava (or the Moldau, as the Germans named it during their rather rude residency….). The Danube is in Austria, Hungary, even the Slovak Republic. But the Vltava belongs to the Czech Republic alone. Glad you had good times there!

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