The little country that could. It is green. It is friendly. Its street food includes ‘burek’, which is basically a version of a croissant stuffed with cheese curds and fried. Slovenia, I love you.

Everything feels very ‘Alpsy’, with basically everyone doing lots of things on extreme rollerblades with poles and a ton of sports that seem to necessitate the use of really wide headbands and tight pants. People take ski jumping very seriously.


Lake Bled is so picturesque it is almost comical: medieval castle on a cliff, emerald green lake, church on a tiny island, swans, dragons, unicorns, omnipresent mist, etc. etc.



The capital city of Ljubljana is almost completely pedestrianized, and the entire country’s emphasis on sustainability and green space is just lovely.

Not freezing yet, but getting progressively happier that we invested in the Propex heater for the van. Best money spent. Ever.IMG_4346

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