Spain, France (again, again)

Spending much more time eating that blogging these days, so here are some Coles Notes. Spain, sandwiched between two of our favourite countries, still managed to hold its own.

We snuck in a trip to the Alhambra:


And basked in the last of our winter warmth before crossing back into France.



This blog only highlights snapshots of our life out here. What are impossible to capture (or, what I don’t make the effort to share) are the day-to-day aspects of our life on the road-and these are the moments that make it truly special. We spend almost every waking moment together, and are fortunate to have this opportunity when many don’t. It is the bits of life, not the picture-perfect landscapes, that make this trip so special.


It’s moments like when you finally make a joke in another language that hits the mark; when an elderly local fusses over Henley and she looks them straight in the eyes, shakes their hand and says, ‘Bonjour!’. It’s lazing in the parks and beaches, devouring a baguette before we even get back to the van, and fighting over whose turn it is to get up and turn on the gas for coffee. It’s the time together, sharing space together, that makes this trip so unforgettable.

And, just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love France any more . . . ¬†we spent two weeks in Provence.

IMG_3936IMG_3977IMG_4028IMG_4048 2


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