Sometimes our version of perfect isn’t a deserted beach or unmarked road. Days like this, here in Tarifa, Spain, are how we re-charge our social batteries. We have met some amazing characters on the road, and I love learning about the motivations behind their decision to travel.

There are people of all ages and from all walks of life out here . . . and without fail, they are all happy (except the teenagers, who seem mildly put-upon to be forced into so much time with their parents while the world and all its freedom awaits). The retirement crowd are my personal favourites, as they are always keen to lean against the campers and chat; also, they always seem to be drinking. Our interactions with this generation remind us to appreciate all the moments in life.


I am not trying to glamorize or fetishize what has become a very ‘hip’ lifestyle choice for those seeking a return to simpler way of life. I love these vans, and I really love our van, but what I love is most is our journey in a van: that it is an opportunity for us to slow down, be present in our lives, and soak in the time with our daughter while she is young. Our decision was not to eschew all belongings and live in a van, our decision was to spend time together, and use the van as a conduit for those memories and that adventure.

We are all out here for a reason. Cheers!



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