I can’t say that coming to Europe during the shoulder season was entirely a conscious decision. Rather, after two years of saving and planning we sensed within ourselves a need to actually just go, before we continued saving for eternity and eventually settled on something more ‘responsible’ and ‘adult’ to do with our travel fund.

What we now know, even in the infancy of this trip, is that the off-season in Europe offers its own unique set of advantages.

We are able to explore national and local historical sites with no lineups, and sometimes even no charge:

Henley says no to the crowds at Batalha


I believe I have mentioned several thousands times already that the beaches are deserted:


We get the most authentic sense of the towns we are visiting because for the most part, they are filled with locals and no tourists. There is no congestion in the streets and people spilling out of souvenir shops . . . it is just the town and its people, going about their lives and looking at us like we are total kooks because we are wearing flip flops and shorts and they are wearing puffy jackets.

And, when we feel like we’ve gone a bit ‘off the grid’ and need to get some real face-time with other humans and find Henley some kids, we seek out ‘our people’.  Because, as we’ve found, the camper van crowd knows no off-season.

Just caravanning. 


2 thoughts on “off-season

  1. Amazing. That photo of you and Henley almost made me cry. I need more information though. Like short novel-ish please. xx

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