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We sort of bombed through northwest Spain in our push for the south of Portgual. We wanted to stay, but knew we had to go. We could have spent six months exploring this coastline. Imagine, that it would be difficult to see an entire continent in under a year.


Spain has such a unique flavour. The air is just infused with the scent of eucalyptus and some sort of spiced meat or seafood. I am sensing a theme here . . . anytime the air smells like food, it is my new favourite country.

It is here that we were introduced to the art of getting a serious buzz-on over two-hour lunches (at three o’clock in the afternoon). It was really something else-just the process of ‘going for lunch’ carrying with it an expectation of relaxation and un-hurried good company, food, and wine. Really unlike any lunch experience I’ve ever had. Totally un-rushed. When we are invited to lunch here, we clear our schedule for the afternoon and early evening. There have been a few times that I’ve caught myself being embarrassingly Western: barely seated at the table before we are reaching for menus and destroying the bread basket, wondering if we should order another beer. Sometimes over the din (our own din) I haven’t realized the restaurant has gone silent and are staring at us like we are savages. Which, I guess we kind of are.

The beaches are deserted here and there is always a beautiful sunny haze (not always directly related to two-hour lunches). Spain is intoxicating.

IMG_2541 IMG_2600

IMG_2619 IMG_2616

IMG_2659 IMG_2590

I love the way we are exploring these countries: aimlessly driving the country roads, aimlessly wandering the city streets. We head to Portugal looking forward to re-visiting Spain on the other side.





One thought on “lunch buzz

  1. Love Love Love your posts…wonderful stories and amazing photo’s (to which I want them all!) Kisses to you all and especially that grandchild Henners xoxo…haha

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