We spent three weeks in France and only 15 euros on camping. Finding wild camping spots is a tricky business, less about finding places that you are ‘allowed’ to camp, and more about finding places that you aren’t ‘not allowed’.They aren’t all gems, but they are all safe. And, free. We have created a set of rules for ourselves, and the key is to try not to break too many of the rules at once.

Arrive late, leave early. Don’t arrive in the dark. Leave the site cleaner than when you arrived. Respect the land. Trust your gut. Don’t take any of the cute farm animals.

Here are our favourite free camping spots from our time in France:









5 thoughts on “campvibes

  1. Sure beats a Walmart parking lot. My brother hauls a 30 foot fifth wheel down to Arizona in the winter and their free camping is usually in a Walmart parking lot.

  2. You guys are awesome. And inspiring! While your posts generally make me a little jealous, they are spurning me on to hit the road with my guys! So thanks for that 🙂

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