It may be the wine and croissants clouding my judgement, but Brittany stole my heart.IMG_2153

We visited the island of Brehat, where my grandmother Meme spent her summers as a child, and where my great-grandparents owned two of the small surrounding islands.



I now understand what was once thought to be an irrational obsession with blue shutters (they are on every. single. house.):


Henley has discovered her new favourite food group:

hint: it is crepes

We went to a market, where I spoke many dialects of French, bought many varieties of cured meats, cheeses, lards, and duck, and discovered my new favourite vegetable, the Potimarron squash.

And wouldn’t you know it, we also found Dusty:


Fantastic camping and so. much. food.

Much love to my aunt Catherine, who housed us while we awaited a much needed propane adapter, and fed us many delicious things cooked in duck fat.



5 thoughts on “brittany

  1. Also loved the island. Was blessed to be able to tour it with Meme.
    Catherine is the best. Duck fat is the new olive oil…high in monosaturated fats! Add red wine, orange squash, fresh air, and laughter, and you will have a long happy life!

    1. HA! your guess is as good as mine. what I can say for sure, is that were it not for strata restrictions on our building, our shutters would be blue.

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