We are eating our way through France and I am going to level with you: it all leaves very little time for blogging.

The drives.

From the tight-squeeze of winding ancient city roads to the sprawling and vast landscape of rural France, the scenery is spectacular. On many instances I observed that a crash from any vehicle would potentially devastate centuries-year-old architecture of significant cultural importance.

The history.


Some postcard wild camping.



And what it’s all about.




3 thoughts on “normandy

  1. Hey Jess & Family. We met on a parking place in Le Hourdel (Baie de Somme, France) on Christmas eve day…
    I was travelling with my westfalia back from Ireland…

    I wanted to write you immediately. But then I lost your contact detail…

    I’m lazing around on the Internet and just found your travel blog…

    Please not that I’ll be moving from Belgium to France (Grenoble) within the next few weeks.
    Although you obviously already went through that area, I hope we can meet somewhere sometime here in Europe… or in Canada 😀

    Have a safe trip.

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