Barnies in Tofino

photo-13 I learned a few things on our trip to Tofino last week. The first is to never ignore the inkling that there is something stupendous just around the bend. Secondly, I am most likely never going t,o become a Roxy girl. I love Tofino. Having a Westy has even made the ferry more tolerable, though we now have to spend even more on our fare due to the fact that our rig is in a perpetual state of Beast Mode and we are undoubtedly oversized. I love surfing, even though I can only stand up on a surfboard if it is also in a perpetual state of Beast Mode and at least the size of a house. In case you get the impression we are a legitimate surfing family, I should also just mention that I only love surfing when I can touch the ground. Tofino is perfect for my misguided attempts at imagining I am Alana Blanchard (spare the comments, I understand she is super hot but not a great athlete) as it offers an abundance of shallow and drown-proof beach breaks. Heavenly. Maybe I will get better, but whatever. photo-10 I love Tacofino, whose Tuna Tatacos changed my life, though I now struggle with the decision between ordering fish tacos and my dangerous and sultry side-piece that is the Tataco. I am certain we bankroll their monthly earnings on every visit. The only thing I don’t love about Tofino is how hard-assed they are about letting people park Westies overnight. Imagine, a surf town not wanting to encourage people to live in their vans on the beach and instead support the local economy. Strange. Camp grounds are booked months in advance and they are overpriced, crowded (with lovely people, I am sure), and not really our scene. Instead, we explored the logging roads behind the landfill, which are fraught with forks in the road and potholes that could swallow us whole. In the end, it was totally worth it and we snagged a fairly all-time spot on Kennedy Lake. We drifted into slumber serenaded by the midnight warblings of a travelling man and his accordion.  Life lesson in there somewhere: just keep going, see what’s around the next corner. photo-11   photo-14 photo-9

2 thoughts on “Barnies in Tofino

    1. There is a chance he also had some sort of wind instrument as well. . . a pan flute?? I wouldn’t put it past him. The look on Henley’s face as she tried to understand what it meant when this man-boy told her that he lived ‘wherever his backpack was’. She was like, ‘no dude, seriously, where the eff do you live?’. I was mostly like, ‘but, ummm, excuse me . . . does your mother know where you are? Do you have a cell phone that she could contact you with? Do you want me to give her a call?’ I am a crazy person.

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