A Day in the Life-Abridged

OK, yes, this is a blog intended to allow our family and friends to join us as we prepare to take our family on the road, travel long-term, and, basically, live in a van down by the river. Though in the future we will be sharing with our loyal followers the splendour, simplicity, and stress of life on the road, in the meantime I aim to use this blog for one of its most valued purposes: procrastination.

As a writer I work from home; I bring in a paycheque every month and as I’ve mentioned, I am a writer, so automatically I consider this a pretty substantial victory in life. Beyond the feeling of professional accomplishment this provides me immediately upon waking (no, after coffee, because immediately upon waking I am reminded that I have a toddler demanding cereal, toast, yogurt, and spaghetti for breakfast), this post will focus on the fact that I work from home.

What I offer you here is a rare, behind-the-scenes, and totally (mostly) accurate depiction of my days as a freelance journalist.  I have spared the inclusion of any details relating to the actual parenting of my daughter. Suffice to say that you can rest assured she is always fed, sometimes bathed, and infinitely loved.

Coffee. An IV drip would be preferable:


After pulling an all-nighter to avoid missing deadline and having to face well-dressed and fresh-faced parents in the parking lot of Henley’s school the next morning:


Contemplate my choice of wardrobe for the day:


Not my actual to-do list:




When my friends say how nice it is that I can work from home because of the free time it allows:


What I think my work looks like:


In reality:


Sometimes it is actually my job to watch live streams of horse shows. Most of the time it is this:

via Hyperbole and a Half





Inspiration strikes:

via Hyperbole and a Half

Lunch break = crushing PR’s:


When daughter resists my desperate protests and stops napping in the afternoon. Workday hours now cut by two:



via Hyperbole and a Half

Deadline week:


Press send. Celebrate my prowess (employment) in an industry I love:


*Note, this is not the manner in which I am paid.

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life-Abridged

    1. hahaha well, considering that most of my work is done between the hours of 9pm-1pm, really all I’m doing *whilst* working is trying to stay away and simultaneously binge watching television online. Really though, Henley is a very easy toddler. If I have to do any work when she’s not at preschool or asleep, she’s happy to paint or build or play in dirt. We are lucky.

      1. Oooh, yes. Yes you are. I am still generally not “allowed” to do anything during my eldest’s waking hours (my youngest is much more amenable to playing on her own).

        I understand the staying awake thing can be more challenging than you make it sound just there, too 🙂 .

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