Immortalized in Print


I love this photo of our little family in our big van.

There is something resolutely unnerving about sharing such a plan with the masses. This blog doesn’t necessarily count, as with my obsessive tracking of stats I am able to surmise that even if every single one of you think we are insane or unbearable I am still doing okay, statistically, in the grand scheme of things. I have accepted the reality that most of my friends and family care not to read what I write every month in the magazines that publish my work . . . but I can ply them into acknowledging that I am, indeed, a professional writer by occasionally getting some press for our travels and promising that I will very rarely make mention of anything horse-related on this blog.

Many thanks to Mountain Life Magazine ( for allowing me the opportunity to put it out there. Not all of it, mind you . . . but a brief glimpse at the very least. Check out this fine publication and pick up a free copy of the issue wherever glorious news print is sold.

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