Our backyard, for reals. Squamish, BC

I was served up some heaping portions of perspective this week. Our hometown of Squamish, BC is many things: a place that celebrates the only true measure of man’s worth (lumberjack competitions), host to a great excuse to call in the grandparents for three days of non-parenting (music festivals), and home to a plethora of sushi restaurants, artisinal crap and all kinds of jaw-dropping beauty.

I’m not sure if it counts, as I think we’ve given ourselves the nickname, but ‘the outdoor recreation capital of canada’ is a really fitting description of this little mountain town. (ok, I just Googled it, and apparently that is an official and totally legit slogan.) You can do about a million different sports here, and even more that I refuse to classify as sports but would probably be included on some master list somewhere (I’m looking at you, slack lining). I participate (note the distinction between ‘participate’ and ‘excel’) in three of those million sports, and I’m not counting softball, even though I probably should as we won an award this year.*

Summiting the Stawamus Chief; no oxygen, no sherpa, barefoot, uphill both ways.

Because we are mountain folk, and mountain folk climb mountains before breakfast (exaggerating), Rob and I hiked the Chief three times this week. Once my vertigo and terror had settled into a comfortable state of appreciation I was reminded of something important. In the months before we take life on the road and ease into long-term travel, I must remember that life here in Squamish is nothing to scoff at. It reminded me not to live always a few months ahead, as I tend to do in the excitement of planning our travels, waiting for Rob to return from work, and the anticipation of the season premiers of Walking Dead and Girls. It reminded me to be appreciative of the good fortune that has been afforded us in life to call this beautiful town our home.



*The fact that we both nominated and voted ourselves to victory tells me three things: –questionable ethics are considered ok if the end result is a prestigious framed certificate  -our computer literacy is far superior to the rest of the league                                                -the rest of the league feels pretty silly for not having thought of it themselves                       -win or lose, we booze

2 thoughts on “Squampton

    1. haha totally. Squamish is amazing, we are fortunate to have somewhere like this to call home . . . and to feel like we have such a strong home to return to after we get some good old adventuring out of our system. We have to drive to Vancouver for a good Thai restaurant, but other than that it’s pretty much perfect.

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