9 to 5


Working on the road=something I really need to work on. Some fairly important logistics (nourishment, occasional paid camping) will be relying pretty heavily on our ability to maintain some semblance of a career while on the road.

Our savings will bear the brunt of this European adventure, but to have some money trickling in will help to ensure we arrive home with all vital body parts and a moderate amount of self-respect. Here I am, exhibiting classic resting %$#& face while working in my mobile office. Some things I should possess in small amounts to be successful working on the road (work in progress):

-Time management skills. I have to be able to resist all of the potentially life-altering travel experiences waiting outside the sliding door. I once narrowly escaped missing deadline by working over breakfast and apologizing fervently to Rob as we all tried to pretend I wasn’t on both the laptop and cell phone whilst shovelling eggs and hash browns into my mouth. Future scarring to Henley will be minimal this particular occurrence, as she was engrossed in Mickey Mouse pancakes slathered in an alarming amount of Cool Whip and chocolate chips.                                                                                                                         —  Discipline. see above.                                                                                                            –The ability to find cell service and conduct a thoughtful interview while standing on a monolith, roof of an oversize Westfalia, or park bench with not a hint of embarrassment or shame.                                                                                                                                            -The ability to find wifi and compose an articulate email, one-handed, while standing on a monolith, roof of an oversize Westfalia, or park bench with not a hint of embarrassment or shame.                                                                                                                                     -A stone cold heart to look at this image and not jump-in and cuddle on a rainy-day viewing of Planes (the 60th showing of 2014)robhenners

I learned something during our first trip in the van: I need to work on finding the balance. When long-term travel becomes our new normal, I think it will help to stay long enough in once place to settle down and establish some semblance of real-life responsibly, but I think it will always be a challenge to ignore the sirens song of the open road.

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