boxvanI am certain that my husband was under the impression that the purchase of Storm-the most crucial of all purchases in our (conceived mostly by me) future life of caution-to-the-wind adventure-would abate my constant need to stoke the fire of life. It has, of course, accomplished what I can only imagine is the opposite of his desired effect. I am a madman of excitement and enthusiasm. More so than ever before, if that is possible. I have, obviously, mentally packed and unpacked the van about a million times as I lay in bed not drifting off into slumber. I am a self-diagnosed insomniac, which I believe to be a product of my own circumstance, as I work from home and have a two-year-old daughter. Seriously though, if you had to fit your life into 75 square feet, what would you bring? The bare necessities of life fill up an alarming majority of the adorable miniature shelving units in the van as it is.

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