This Beauty is a Beast


This is an investment in memory making. Our new home-away-from-home: the ’87 Syncro Westfalia, Storm. Freckles and all, she is a beauty, and she comes with more bells and whistles than you could shake a stick at. This is the kind of grand gesture (or risk) that is required to make such a grand gesture in life. We are carrying precious cargo in the form of our darling daughter on this journey. The jury is still out as to whether or not our less-than-precious Beagle will be joining us; for my sanity and the life of said Beagle, I hope not. Regardless, safety and reliability are of utmost importance and we invested up front to take care of our family. I love this van. I love this van for the promise of adventure that she carries and I love this van for the amount of fun we have had in the five days we have owned her.

“It’s aaaallllllllll happeninggggggg!!” -(obvious Almost Famous quote)

DSC_0036For those of you wondering, this is our backyard in Squamish, BC. This photo was taken during our lunch hour picnic. We are lucky, and we know it.

3 thoughts on “This Beauty is a Beast

  1. Thanks! Squamish is a paradise of its own, for sure. If you are able to get past the fact that it rains pretty consistently for four months of the year, it is bliss.

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