Clutter, be gone.


This decision to travel has changed our family in ways unimaginable to me even six months ago. We have always been far from hoarders, but over the almost decade we’ve been together Rob & I have accumulated our fair share of stuff. Now, I enjoy a good purge of the closet and junk drawer, so while we’ve never really been bursting at the seams, I also have the uncanny ability to project emotions and memories on inanimate objects. *Cue eye roll from Robbie* With the looming certainty that our worldy possessions must soon fit into a 75 square foot living space comes new clarity regarding the true wants and needs of day to day life. I may gaze adoringly at my juicer, but that beast just isn’t coming on the road with us. Packing. Obviously, I’m already thinking about it.

My shopping habits were the first things to change. I all of a sudden was struck by a manic obsession that my wardrobe fit into a suitcase. The hoards of cute dresses and tops (pre-baby purchases) now seem wholly impractical and a waste of space. It’s not glamourous, but I finally know what it is I like to wear. Everything else goes. We live in Squamish, BC; I work from home; we have a two-and-a-half year old; I spend most of my ‘free’ time at the cross fit box; it’s pretty much lulu lemon or jeans for me-and I’m okay with that. The tupperwares full of sentimental baby clothing? I kept the handmade items and the outfit she wore home from the hospital, everything else was sold or passed onto a friend. She never had a lot of toys because we’ve always been kinda old school, ‘go play outside’ parents: banging on pots and pans, making forts, and drawing on shit.

Nothing was safe from this one, the manic purge of 2013. In hindsight, I may have gotten a bit trigger happy with a few items, but you know what? Life goes on. Hardest to streamline were my books. Every move we’ve made has seen Rob grumbling and threatening divorce if I didn’t get rid of the books we lugged around. Why was it always those boxes that seemed to be wet and breaking through? Treachery. Anyway, I got rid of some books.

We are far from minimalist, but our mindset has shifted, for sure. Home decor stores now just seem filled with ‘stuff’ to me. New candlesticks don’t make you happy, people! When I get really excited about an idea, my enthusiasm can be seen as kind of preachy, so I try to keep this lifestyle shift on the down-low for the most part, but I have a few friends that share this resolve that a simplified life is healthier for the mind and pocketbook. I don’t go into stores to just browse anymore, because I know with that first step comes an  unstoppable desire to consume. Pants I can’t live without! Another pair of Vans! I need things! I know myself;now, I just don’t shop.

When we go away there will be some items in storage, family keepsakes, photos, (MY BOOKS), and also my beloved juicer, but we will rent out our hour semi-furnished . . . and if someone breaks our dresser, life will go on. We are saving money, saving space, pretty much saving the world. De-cluttering life. Simplifying. Boom.


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