A year overlanding Europe. Even to me, someone with an uncanny ability to round-down any purchase price, this sounds expensive. Ours is a lofty goal. Optimism has now taken up residence of a good portion of my being; sarcasm and a deep-seeded love of puns of course remaining as my most cherished traits. Ageless cynicism aside, I believe in the pursuit of a goal that allows you ambition and hope and joy and excitement. This dream we have for our family, a year living on the road: to see the humdrum of day-to-day life become fresh in the microcosm of our van; discovering the world through the eyes of our daughter; slowing down; living simply . . . it requires sacrifice, because did I mention, it will be expensive.

With this goal comes direction and resolve. This life, as Grandpa Penny always says, ‘this life is not a dress rehearsal.’ We want this, and we are going to have to make sacrifices to make it happen. Right now our sacrifice is that Rob is working out of town on a rotational shift of two weeks away and one week home. This is an upgrade from the last six months of him being three weeks away and one week home. It is torturous, but we somehow survive. I miss my partner-in-crime, Henners misses her superhero Dad. It’s amazing what you can endure when you have something like this as a beacon off in the distance promising a year (hopefully more) of pure, unadulterated family time and discovery. Today’s sacrifice, Rob missing Henley’s first day of ‘Bug Camp’. I share my pride at seeing our little girl play and bound with big kids like we’ve actually done our job of preparing her for this stage of life. Sacrifice in a few years from now? Showers. I imagine our life on the road will be lacking somewhat in the shower department.

3 thoughts on “sacrifice

  1. I’m sure you’ll find a shower every now and again, but in the meantime its good to know what your priorities are. A year together seeing the world together makes up for an awful lot.

    1. You have the distinct honour of being the first person to comment on my blog. I’m not sure it’s quite yet worthy of being called that . . . but the first step is always the hardest, right? You will forever be immortalized in the history books of ‘here today vanagon tomorrow’. Many thanks!!

      1. Really, I’m your first? I think I would have been way more nervous if I’d known that beforehand.

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