memeI think it’s common to be met with a fairly large dose of scepticism whenever sharing details of a grandiose life scheme. Let it be made perfectly clear that this is a long-term goal with long-term planning (and penny-pinching) required to come to fruition. Much to my chagrin we as of yet have not won the lottery, and before upending our lives andtaking to the open road there needs to be a few loose ends tied up. There is something resolutely unnerving about sharing such an ambitious goal with the masses, even though at the moment I am certain that there are precisely two people reading this (thanks, hubby). There are scores of families traveling the globe, some even crazy enough to do it in VW buses; in these early, early stages their stories have proven to be the source of many a late night choice over deadlines and slumber. All I can hope is that in a few years time this blog be bangin’. For now, I invite you to share the journey of getting to . . . the journey. If you’d rather work on finishing You Tube or playing CandyCrush, that’s cool too.

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